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Maturita z angličtiny B2 | Písomná časť (WORKING COPY)
O lekcii
  • in fact (v skutočnosti)
    I had no problem with her. In fact, I liked her.
  • on sale (v predaji)
    The new phone is on sale now.
  • on a trip (na výlete)
    We were on a trip but now we are at home.
  • on the whole (v celku)
    On the whole, it was a successful business trip.
  • in return (na oplátku)
    If you help me, I will give you my valuable Pokémon card in return.
  • in a bad state (v zlom stave)
    My car is in a bad shape. I have to take it to the garage.
  • in writing (písomne)
    Please send your notice in writing.
  • on many occasions (mnohokrát, pri mnohých príležitostiach)
    I asked you To be on time on so many occasions. But do you listen?
  • in particular (predovšetkým, najmä)
    I hate frogs, toads in particular.
  • on fire (v plameňoch)
    The fire brigade. The houses and fire.